How to Future-Proof Your Beer Cooler with Cooler Concepts' Scalable Solutions

Shelve the regrets. Don't let cheap shelving equal buyer's remorse when it comes to creating storage in your keg room. When equipping your beer cooler, there's more to consider than just the here and now, so make sure to consider future growth and expansion as part of any build-out and development plans.

The Significance of Future-Proofing Your Walk-In Storage Space

A beer cooler, far from being static, embodies a living entity within your operational landscape. It should possess the adaptability and scalability to harmonize with your business's growth trajectory. While selecting shelving solutions to meet current needs is pivotal, equal emphasis should be accorded to their potential for adaptation as your enterprise expands.

Customization and Scalability

Cooler Concepts understands the challenges that today's food and beverage operations face as it relates to beer storage. Our solutions always begin with a baseline system that can be easily added to and expanded upon over the course of time. This means future growth can always be accommodated. Looking to double the number of taps on the bar? Consider this when selecting your initial line of shelving for the walk-in.

Adding Angles for Future Growth

No matter the design, Cooler Concepts has the future in mind for operators looking to consider future expansion inside a walk-in. Ultimately, it all comes down to the angles. Our shelves can be designed with corner angles that are built to accommodate additional, adjacent shelving in the future. Rather than retrofit an existing shelf with inexact measurements or mismanaging the overall use of the space in the walk-in, we'll provide units that are ready to become part of a larger keg storage system in the future.

Bolt Through Technology: The Seamless Solution

Cooler Concepts incorporates a feature known as "bolt-through technology." This innovation ensures the fluidity of transitions between various shelving configurations. Say farewell to obstructed corners or squandered space, common afflictions encountered with alternative shelving options. Bolt-through technology facilitates effortless expansion and reshaping, ensuring a smooth transition between different units.

Quality Over Savings: How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse in Shelving

Let's delve into a crucial aspect of beer cooler shelving. While the appeal of inexpensive shelving solutions is apparent, it often conceals a lurking issue – buyer's remorse. These budget-friendly alternatives may initially seem like a wise choice, but they frequently leave individuals trapped in a rigid setup that doesn't align with evolving needs. Even worse, they may need to be replaced three or four times over when compared to the shelving from Cooler Concepts.

Get the exact shelving your operation needs instead of make-it-work aluminum shelving that will fail – not if, but when!! In 29 years, we have never had to replace shelving from Cooler Concepts, for any reason! Learn more about shelving from Cooler Concepts today.

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