Helpful Tips for Safer Beer Coolers

Employee safety is a priority in bars, restaurants, and other food service businesses. However, workplace accidents are still common. One of the most common places for an accident is the beer cooler. Beer coolers are full of heavy objects that can fall on employees. Employees can also trip when moving through a messy beer cooler. Read on to learn more about the measures employers can take to avoid expensive employee accidents in the beer cooler. 

How Accidents Happen

There are many ways that accidents can happen in a beer cooler. Perhaps the most common serious accident in a beer cooler is when a keg falls on an employee's feet. This could lead to a worker's comp claim or even a lawsuit. 

It is also common for beer coolers to get very messy, especially when the cooler doesn't have an organized storage system. If there are kegs and cases scattered throughout the beer cooler, there is a good chance that an employee will trip and fall. This could also lead to a worker's comp claim and a lawsuit.

Shelving Safety Tips

There are several basic tips that can help any bar or restaurant keep their beer cooler safe. The beer cooler should always be organized, with easy access to all products. Clutter should be kept to a minimum by throwing away empty packages and by putting small items in their designated places. Every beer cooler should also have open paths throughout the cooler to give employees safe and easy access to whatever product they need.

Generally, you want to keep kegs on the floor with no-lift products (cases, bottles, cans) above. This is where an organized no-lift keg storage system comes in. It can help you maximize the space in your cooler while keeping everything safe and organized. All of your product will be within easy reach of your employees.

If you keep a lot of kegs in your cooler, you may need to stack kegs on top of each other. The safest and most effective way to do this is to use a keg lifter. Lifting kegs by hand can be extremely dangerous and time-consuming. 

We Understand Beer Cooler Safety

At Cooler Concepts, we understand keg cooler safety. Company founder Bill Dunnett Jr. used to work a beer keg delivery route in Chicago. He noticed that many beer coolers were disorganized and even seemed unsafe. One day, he dropped a beer keg on his foot. Thankfully, Bill managed to avoid being seriously injured in that beer cooler. However, this painful accident led him to decide to create safe beer cooler organization solutions, and he started Cooler Concepts. Contact Cooler Concepts today to learn how to make your beer cooler a safer place. 

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