Three Reasons Why You Need The Keg Lifter for Your Business

Who is transporting the heavy kegs into the keg coolers, and who is lifting them onto the shelves? Cooler Concepts has the solution for the strenuous task of moving, storing, and lifting kegs.

The reality is, beer is in season no matter what the time of year, weather, or geographical location. If there is a question as to whether that statement is fact or fiction, ask the millions of Americans who purchased nearly six billion gallons of beer from the barrel in 2021.

People have a deep love for draught beer because it provides a fresh, crisp gulp unparalleled by bottled or canned hops. There are many reasons why beer has been the libation of choice for centuries and today is still the number one favorite of 35 percent of all drinkers. Each beer drinker in the United States enjoys more than 28 gallons of ale annually.  So, yes, beer can certainly help bars and restaurants make money. But with all this draught beer filling the bellies of thirsty customers, one has to wonder…

Here are three ways The Keg Lifter will help your business and staff.

#1 Safety

Cooler Concepts knows what it takes to keep your teams safe when working with equipment and products like barrels full of heavy ale.

​​We believe that almost every accident can be prevented, including injuries that occur when lifting loaded barrels of beer. What’s more, OSHA states that a full beer keg weighs too much to be carried by one person. 

Lifting and moving kegs can be very dangerous for restaurant and bar staff. However, you don’t have to have any experience in bars, nightclubs, or a sporting event concession to know that beer kegs are an essential part of the inventory. So, while draft beer saves you money and brings in big profits, the stainless kegs they’re stored in can be a liability

The Keg Lifter is designed with personnel safety top of its mind. A few features that help safeguard users include:

  • Welded steel construction.
  • Locking rear casters.
  • An adjustable height for the health and safety of ergonomic workers. 

And the cherry on top? The Keg Lifter only needs one person to operate so that staff can quickly move kegs without help from another team member.

#2 Save Time

Ice-cold beer on tap is necessary in most restaurants, bars, and clubs. However, with each guest drinking at least 72 ounces of beer a week, the result is frequent swapping of kegs which is one of the most time-consuming tasks for your employees. 

Changing a hogshead is a primarily simple process. The important thing is to switch them out on a schedule to reduce waste and ensure peak freshness and flavor. Imagine moving a keg from room to room, lifting it, and then placing it on a shelf, all with the press of a button. 

Significant time-savings come naturally when using The Keg Lifter from Cooler Concepts because only one person is required to stack or unstack a 165-pound keg. Lift heavy kegs in place without breaking a sweat, or part of your back.

A few additional features and benefits include:

  • 12 V Drill & 4mAh Battery Standard

  • Capable of 32+ Lifts to 45”

  • 18” Turning Radius

  • Welded structural steel construction

  • Standard locking rear casters

  • Smallest Footprint in the Industry, Does not require any bottom shelf clearance for operation

  • Adjustable height handle for ideal ergonomic working conditions

#3 Labor Savings

Not only does the Keg Lifter give valuable time back to management, but it also helps alleviate some of the headaches resulting from the labor shortage. Many breweries and restaurants employ multiple team members specifically for keg management on a daily basis. 

2 men on a keg

  • Reduce the demand from managers, and free up their time by teaching front and back-of-house teams to use The Keg Lifter.  
  • Less staff is required, and product moves quicker when The Keg Lift is part of your business.
  • Increase efficiencies and serve customers their favorite frothy ales with speed. Your employee's lower back and knees will thank you! 
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