Increase Profits and Prevent Injuries With No-Lift Keg Storage

Cooler Concepts No-Lift Keg Storage Hero ImageReformatting your walk-in cooler isn’t only about beautifying your ugly cooler. It’s also about making things safer for your staff while having quick access to product to sell. The No-Lift Keg Storage solves all these issues.

Prevent Back Injuries

Back injuries can be very common in the beverage industry. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 136,000 back and spinal workplace injuries in the United States in 2019. On-site work injuries not only cost your business in terms of workman compensation payouts but also in shortage of labor. 

Available in three, four, and five-foot widths, the No-Lift Keg Storage system keeps kegs stored on the floor. Eliminating the need for staff to have to reach and struggle with kegs. Above are shelves to give beer coolers bulk storage space for cases of beer, kombucha, and wine.

Make Room For Profits

No-Lift Keg Storage is available in eight different configurations, giving your bar, casino, brewery, restaurant, or hotel more room for product for you to sell. By using our formula for Beer Math, we’ll determine how much storage is needed in your walk-in, gaining room for about 40% more product. Designed to allow for maximum airflow, drainage, and prevention of debris build-up, the No-Lift Keg Storage will also help keep your walk-in organized and clean.

Use The Safest Shelving In The Industry

At Cooler Concepts, we know that every beer cooler presents its own set of challenges. To help get a better understanding of what obstacles you face on a regular basis, we want to hear from you! Click below to get started. 


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