How Our Beer Math Calculator Can Help Increase Beverage Profits

Profitability is key in the beverage industry. And while draft beer is a high-profit margin item to have on your menu, if you don't order correctly it's like throwing money down the drain. With our Beer Math Calculator you'll be ordering the right beers at the right time. Making your customers happy and your profits growing. 

What Is Beer Math?

Determining how much cooler space you should be using to hold kegs shouldn't be guesswork. Without knowing exactly how much beer you sell on a regular basis, you can't know how many gallons of specific brands of draft beer should be purchased each week. Which means you won't know how much space is required to store the kegs. Having a storage area with too much space may cause you to purchase too much.  Having too little space risks not having your customers' most popular choice on hand at the busiest times. 

With Beer Math, you'll know exactly what needs to be ordered based on how much you serve. It's that simple. 

How The Calculator Works

By using our specialized formula we call Draft Beer Analysis (DBA), we take information specific from your restaurant, bar, casino, hotel, brewery, or stadium based on how much draft beer is poured each week. By using this formulation that takes less time to compute than it does to pour a 24-ounce IPA, we can help you determine the right amount of beer to order, by brand. And avoid over-ordering the wrong brands. 

That's because over the years, we've found that no matter how many taps you have on hand, a third of them will be fast movers and the other two-thirds of the taps will be your slower movers. Leaving you with kegs of beer in your storage area that people aren't consuming. Using our Beer Math Calculator allows you to easily find out how much of your most popular brands to order. 

More Is Less

By using Beer Math, Cooler Concepts can typically store up to 40% more product over conventional shelving. GIving you more storage space for cases of beer and wine and reducing wasteful spend.

For example, on a former project, we had a client who had 42 taps and 95 kegs in the cooler. After running a DBA, we found they were holding 30 extra kegs that they didn't need. Which added up to $4,500 per week they were ordering that wasn't being consumed. 

Take back your walk-in beer cooler to store more of what your customers are consuming and less of what they're not. Not only will you have more space and keep customers happy, you'll be spending less while having more profits. 


Ready to start having the right quantity of draft beer and having more room in your storage rooms? Click below to start our beer calculator and get an estimate of how many kegs you should be storing every week. 

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