What's Beer Math?

A high-margin item, keg beer is very profitable to foodservice and beverage businesses. Making sure you're ordering the right quantities of beer is important so that beer isn't going to waste and have enough backup kegs to fulfill your customers' needs. That's why we developed Beer Math.

Ensuring that kegs are stored correctly saves businesses on labor costs, worker's compensation claims, and purchasing costs. Born of an unfortunate accident, Cooler Concepts creates shelving and lift systems to help the beverage industry.

What's Beer Math?

After listening to end-users around the country, we found that a formula was necessary to help determine the size of the walk-in cooler they needed to handle the storage needs of tapped and backup kegs. No matter the type of business, each has specific usage levels based on the number of taps in their establishment. 

By coming up with a Draft Beer Analysis (DBA), we can formulate the correct beer cooler shelving solution based on ounces poured per week. Helping you purchase kegs that you're going to use and keep unused kegs from taking up storage space in your walk-in cooler.

Gain More Storage

Removing excess kegs from your cooler allows us to reduce a new walk-in beer cooler's footprint. But that doesn't mean that you'll have less storage space. With Cooler Concept's shelving solutions, we can typically store up to 40% more product over conventional shelving. You'll also improve organization in your walk-in beer cooler. With a specific location for every product, you'll have clear working aisles making it easier to find products and safer for your employees.

Reduce Your Spend

By determining through a DBA how much beer your business goes through each week, we can find out if you have extra kegs you don't need. One of our past projects was working with a client with 42 beer taps and 95 kegs in their cooler. Our analysis found out that they had 30 extra kegs per weekend, which came out to $4,500 extra they were spending. By eliminating that additional spend, they saved money from their bottom line and had fresher beer to serve, improving customer satisfaction. 

Are you ready for some Beer Math to find out how much you can save?

Help us help you.

We know about all the challenges restaurants and foodservice operators face when it comes to draft beer. Use our Beer Math Calculator below to determine if you're ordering in the right quantities. And then let's talk!

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