How the Keg Lifter Can Help Reduce Labor Shortage


In the wake of the Covid pandemic, restaurants, bars, and clubs are struggling to rebuild, and the lack of labor isn't helping. It seems like a constant struggle to find a qualified staff member who is ready to work. You need solutions to help reduce the amount of labor you need to operate at full steam. 

One of the most labor-intensive tasks on your to-do list is changing out the kegs. Cold beer on tap is a staple in most restaurants, bars, and clubs, and you sell a lot of it, which means frequently changing out the kegs. A keg lifter can help save you time and limit the impact of the labor shortage. Here are a few benefits of a keg lifter:

Save Time

Each time a keg needs to be replaced, one of your employees has to stop what they're doing, go to the storage room, wrestle the heavy keg back to the bar, remove the old keg, and place the new keg.

A keg lifter saves the employee the time it takes to lift the keg and struggle to bar with it. A full keg of beer weighs 135 pounds, and this much weight slows down the staff member carrying it. 

The keg lifter is designed to operate in smaller spaces and can easily navigate aisles as small as 30 inches. Depending on where you store your beer, the keg lifter can rise up to 45 inches, making lifting and replacing kegs a much faster process. 

Save Money

When a staff member needs to leave the floor to retrieve a keg, it costs you money. A waitstaff member can't help customers when they're in the back struggling with a keg. You want the process of replacing the keg to run smoothly and quickly.

Since most entry-level waitstaff members are females, the weight of the keg can slow down their return time, costing you money. With a keg lifter, it does most of the work, and your team member is back on the floor more quickly. 

Safety First

keg-lifterThe weight of a full keg is 135 pounds, while an empty one weighs in at 30 pounds. This type of weight can cause a back injury for even the most physically fit employee if they don't lift the keg properly. Once an employee is injured, you'll need to file a claim with your worker's comp insurance. 

You probably already have tools in place to remind your staff to lift with their knees and protect their backs. However, a keg is heavy. Your predominantly female weight staff might be challenged to safely lift that much weight. You want to protect your staff and keep them safe from injuries. 

When you have a beer cooler injury, it tends to cost the owner $50,000 in insurance expenses. While your employee is out recovering, you're faced with finding someone else to fill the position in the middle of a labor shortage. The keg lifter can help minimize the possibility of injuries. 

Improve Customer Service

Your customers want and deserve your staff's attention. If it takes five minutes to bring a keg from the back, this is time that your team isn't interacting with customers. 

Also, you don't always know when the keg is running low, so you end up with customers waiting on a cold beer. A keg lift reduces the time necessary to get the keg, transport it, install the new one, and remove the old keg to the storeroom. This allows the staff to spend more time with the customers and improves sales. 

See it in action:


When you're ready for the best possible utilization of your staff's time to offset the labor shortage, the keg lifter can help. Contact us to learn more. 

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