Get Your Beer Cooler Touchdown Ready

During football season, sports bars tend to have a consistent flow of traffic. Many passionate fans enjoy watching their favorite college and professional teams play with others in a public setting, which means more business. Ensuring bars and restaurants are ready for the football season is simple when beer coolers are safely organized for kegs and cases. 

Beer and Football

Nothing seems as American as sitting back with friends and watching a great football game while enjoying a cold beer. The association with beer is a combination that, at a stadium level, can equal hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars. And while the biggest game of the year sees consumers spend over $1.3 billion each year, there are plenty of other weekends to increase sales. Having the proper back-of-house storage helps.

How Shelving Makes Profits

Having sturdy shelving in beer coolers that helps organize kegs and cases not only keeps things neat. There are also safety and inventory factors that come into play. Steel shelving supports the multiple kegs that are stored on them. With full kegs weighing 165 pounds, using inferior shelving can cause wear and tear, eventually collapsing the shelves. Steel shelves are durable and can last longer, so they will not have to be replaced frequently, saving money over the long run.

The proper shelving can assist with staff safety and help prevent worker's compensation claims. In the United States, there are over 136,000 on-the-job back injuries that impact staff morale and cause a labor shortage. Cooler Concept's No-Lift Keg Storage eliminates the need for workers to stretch to reach heavy kegs. Available in three, four, and five-foot widths, they also provide more cooler space for additional products to be stored and increase sales. 

To help your staff, add The Keg Lifter to your bar and restaurant's arsenal. Able to bring kegs up 45 inches off the floor, The Keg Lifter allows one person to get kegs onto shelves and work with any manufacturer's shelving units.

Interested in learning more about how The Keg Lifter can help your business grow? Click below to learn more and get ready for football season.


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