From Manual Labor to Efficiency: The Evolution of The Keg Lifter

We know that restaurant and bar operators are already as busy as possible. We also understand that labor is one of the most challenging aspects of the restaurant industry right now. It seems logical, then, that we should make everyone's job just a little bit easier, and when it comes to moving heavy beer kegs, we have just the solution. The Keg Lifter solution offers the industry's smallest footprint and can easily maneuver to and from a shelf.

What Is The Keg Lifter?

Cold draft beer on tap is a staple in many restaurants, bars, and clubs. Its popularity also makes it profitable, but staff shouldn't have to break their backs over a few bucks.

A full keg of beer weighs 165 pounds, making it nearly impossible for some to handle and, at a minimum, difficult for most to move from storage to a serving area. In the past, many efforts to help staff move kegs have fallen short. Some equipment was too large to navigate around narrower areas, or required kegs to be stored off the floor to provide clearance for the equipment's front wheel supports. In some cases, the lift failed to bring the keg close enough to the shelf, requiring staff to lift the heavy keg onto the shelf for storage.

So here's the solution. The Keg Lifter solves these problems and more. It operates in a narrow, 30-inch aisle with or without a bottom shelf. It works with all shelving manufacturers and does not require workers to get involved in lifting the keg. The Keg Lifter quickly lifts the keg up to a maximum of 45 inches off the floor and places the keg onto the storage shelf without requiring assistance from a foodservice worker. The Keg Lifter can also save valuable staff time and money by reducing the resources needed from your team to transport these heavy kegs.

The Keg Lifter and the full keg of beer it handles can weigh nearly 400 pounds, but it is as easy for one person to use as an electric drill. The Keg Lifter comes equipped with two four-inch fixed wheels in the front and two four-inch swivel wheels on the back, making it easy to roll around and pivot into any position. The lifter has a small 18-inch turning radius, making it easy to get around in the smallest of beer cooler aisles. Once positioned by the full keg that's being moved, there is no winch to manually crank to lift the keg. A 12-volt electric drill that comes with the lift easily does the cranking, which lifts the full keg a maximum of 45 inches.

The Keg Lifter technology is becoming popular throughout the U.S., and now the lifter is coming on strong in Canada as well.

See the Keg Lifter in Action

Where Has The Keg Lifter Made a Difference?

Restaurants and bars need a cost-effective, efficient way to handle kegs as they prepare for the weekend or holiday rushes. Recently, the Hard Rock Casino in Gary, Indiana, located on the South Shore of Lake Michigan, decided to make some upgrades before an expected holiday rush, including adding The Keg Lifter, which saved time and money for their operation.

The Keg Lifter's ability to quickly and efficiently store and swap kegs meant that the iconic Hard Rock could easily meet customer demand during the busiest time of the season. The Keg Lifter by Cooler Concepts is quickly increasing in visibility in Canada, with expansion in that country occurring rapidly. 

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