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At Cooler Concepts, we work to simplify and optimize your beverage operation. With our Ready Ship Program, not only do you never have to worry about overstocking or struggling with making sure your walk-in cooler stays neat. But it's also a money saver for your business.

Our Ready Ship Program takes four of our most popular shelving units and selects the best one for your business one based on the measurements of your cooler. Making storing kegs and cases of beer and wine easy and safe. Ready to be shipped out in one day, the Ready Ship Program is perfect for casinos, breweries, and restaurants that have standard walk-in dimensions with no odd angles. 


To get started, we take the interior dimensions of your walk-in cooler, including the height of your ceilings and any obstructions, and we use it to define your needs for the length of shelving. We can then take the average size of a beer case or your best-selling kegs and check their diameter to make sure that when you store them in your cooler there's no leftover space. Ensuring all of your walk-in space is utilized for storage. 

With various sizes of kegs, we work to create shelving that allows you to prioritize your storage needs without having to build an extra cooler or pay thousands to add extra space. With your walk-in cooler's dimensions and the measurements of your best-selling kegs, our shelving optimizes the space you have without making the area disorganized, having to store product on the floor, or crammed so tight that a staff member can get injured.


When installing one of our Ready Ship profiles, the base unit takes priority and has the most focus. It creates the foundation of your shelving and when using continuous shelving, there will always be a base profile unit to provide stability and durability. By breaking up shelving into units, more support is provided through additional legs.

Our Ready Ship Program allows us to uniquely help make your cooler more efficient and organized by utilizing the space you have. We're able to ship so quickly because Ready Ship shelving must be linked to identical style numbers. Linking one style profile to a different one removes it from the Ready Ship program and enters into customization.  The Ready Ship Program is perfect for facilities that have 90-degree angles and don't have features that require additional shelving work. So you can be in the business of serving great drinks and not have to worry about your walk-in cooler.

Ready to find out if the Ready Ship Shelving Program works for your beverage business? Get started on our Cooler Customization and talk to one of our expert team members. 

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