Rust-Be-Gone: The Science Behind Cooler Concepts Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Shelving

Shelving is essentially the skeleton of any keg room, setting up the space to hold and organize dozens of kegs in an organized fashion if done correctly. And like the calcium found in bones that help make them strong, keg racks can have their own form of calcium, in this case, galvanized steel.

Galvanized steel shelving is the top choice for operations looking for durability and longevity, and there are many benefits associated with it. Let's walk through the benefits of galvanized steel shelving now:

Replacement Costs

One of the primary reasons to invest in galvanized steel shelving is that it will last for a long time. While other materials like wood or aluminum may bend or warp over time, steel retains its shape. So, installing shelves today means they will be usable for years or decades to come. 

This longevity means it's much more cost-effective to buy galvanized steel shelves because they won't need replacement as often. Better yet, this material is actually cheaper than stainless steel or aluminum, so you save money both upfront and in the long term by not having to replace shelving later. Essentially, aluminum shelving will need to be replaced four or five times over the same time frame as just one shelving solution from Cooler Concepts.

Galvanization Process

Cooler Concepts provides "hot dipped" galvanized steel shelving. The term refers to the fact that the steel is dipped into a heated pool of zinc. The heat allows the zinc to bond to the steel, creating a protective layer that will never fade. Once the steel is galvanized, it stays that way forever. 

These shelves are also cost-effective because steel and zinc are common materials that don't require a lot of manufacturing or manipulation. That said, compared to regular steel, galvanized shelves cost a little more (usually a few cents extra per pound), but the long-term benefits far outweigh a few extra pennies per pound upfront.

Corrosion Resistance

Rust is a common problem for iron and steel components, and metal shelves in a foodservice setting are more prone to rust thanks to the abundance of moisture and oxygen in the kitchen or in walk-in beer coolers.

Fortunately, galvanized steel doesn't have that problem. Zinc doesn't rust, so when it bonds to the steel, it protects the metal underneath from corroding. So, while a regular steel shelf may start to rust after a few months or years, galvanized steel will never have that problem. 

Low Maintenance

There are a few problems that can plague foodservice and keg-grade shelving. First, some materials need a physical protective barrier, such as rubber or paint, to prevent corrosion and rust. This setup can mean an operator has to repaint or refinish the shelving every few years to keep it in good condition. 

Another problem is bending and buckling. Weaker materials like aluminum are prone to bending over time, particularly if they hold heavy items (like beer kegs). This problem is hard to notice as it's happening, but after a few years, there will be a noticeable difference. Depending on the slope of the bend, it could pose a safety risk for workers as they place and pull items from the shelves. 

Galvanized steel shelves, however, don't bend or break. Steel is remarkable for its durability (which is why it's used in buildings), so it can hold up to all kinds of heavy items and equipment. Year after year, these shelves will stay in excellent condition and not require any maintenance beyond spot cleaning. That's why Cooler Concepts provides a galvanized coating on all shelving products.

Hot-dipped, galvanized steel shelving from Cooler Concepts can be fully customized to fit the unique configurations of any walk-in. Learn more today.

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