Managing Supply Chain and Shipping Challenges

Supply chain shortages and shipping delays are impacting every industry. From food to cars, customers are experiencing longer than ever wait times for products they need to run their businesses. Container prices are skyrocketing, and in some cases are double what they were a few years ago. So what can customers do to make sure they can operate efficiently while all this is happening?

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is one way to help with shipping delays. Placing orders earlier than usual, starting remodels several months ahead of what was originally planned, and modifying menus are ways that some businesses can help with the supply chain and shipping issues.

Order Items That Don’t Require Customization

Customization is great to help distinguish your brand or might be a necessity based on the way your business is configurated. But ordering customized products right now is a risk. Items that are customized will take longer for you to receive. With shipping delays added to the mix, those items might take an additional amount of time to get into your hands. 

Purchase Items Made in the USA

Buying items made in the United States of America have many benefits that go across multiple levels. When you purchase products made in the US: 

  • You're helping provide jobs for people in the country 
  • It's better for the environment because products don't have to travel as far
  • Labor in the US is well controlled and you'll know that worker's rights are being protected 
  • You'll receive your products quicker than if they were manufactured overseas 

Shelving Stuck At Sea? Cooler Concepts Can Help!

If you're ready to redesign your walk-in beer cooler but are running into shipping issues, Cooler Concepts can help. 

With our Ready Ship Program, you'll be able to choose from our four most popular beer shelves. Able to be used as one unit or multiples of the same style linked together, the Ready Ship Program provides durable long-lasting steel shelving that can help increase your beer cooler capacity by up to 40 percent. It's perfect for rooms with 90-degree angles and doesn't have construction that requires customization. Ready Ship shelving is made in the USA and can ship out to you within three days of placing an order. To help get your coolers organized and safe so you can focus on your beverage business. 

Ready to see how your shelving doesn't need to be stuck at sea? Click below to find in-stock walk-in cooler shelving!

Cooler Concepts Shelving Stuck at Sea Call To Action

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