3 Components of a Profitable Beer Program for Bars and Restaurants

While it's true that the success of a beer program is largely dependent on the beer being served, it's also true that equipment and organization can play an important role. Being organized can help operators delivery high-quality beer efficiently, effectively, and profitably -- and three key components can help.

Let's dive into the three components of a profitable beer program to understand their importance and how they contribute to the success of your establishment.

Beer Systems: What Are They?

If a restaurant or bar's beer program is a human body, the beer system is the circulatory system. Ultimately responsible for distributing cold beer throughout the operation, a beer system can consist of components such as refrigeration, CO2 tanks, regulators, faucets, chilled beer lines, towers, and tap handles. Each component plays a vital role in delivering fresh, carbonated beer from the keg to the glass.

Beer Coolers: Why Are They So Critical to Your Business?

Beer coolers are essential for maintaining the quality and freshness of beer. Whether an operation is storing cans and bottles, or is operating exclusively with draft beer, ensuring beer is stored at the optimal temperature is key to customer enjoyment and restaurant profitability. A well-maintained and thoughtfully-considered walk-in cooler contributes to a longer shelf life, preventing beer spoilage and preserving their flavor profiles.

How can operators better maintain walk-in coolers that are designed for beer storage? First, consider keeping food and beer storage in separate walk-ins to help maintain optimal temperatures. Opening and closing a walk-in intended for food should happen with less frequency than one for kegs in most cases.

Keg Racks: What Should You Look for in Your Selection?

Once you have your walk-in fully intended for beer storage, it's time to organize the kegs. When it comes to keg storage, selecting the right keg racks is essential for optimizing space and efficiency in your cooler. Steel shelving, like keg racks from Cooler Concepts, can offer unseen savings by providing durability and resistance to corrosion over the lifetime of the shelf, ensuring a long-lasting solution for keg storage needs.

Additionally, being strategic in the layout of shelving within the cooler maximizes space utilization and facilitates easy access to kegs for staff. By investing in quality keg racks and thoughtful shelving layouts, bars and restaurants can streamline operations and maintain an organized and efficient beer program.

Find out how customized shelving solutions from Cooler Concepts can help the profitability of your beer program.

Cooler Concepts Custom Keg Racks

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