The Difference a Foot Makes in Your Beer Cooler

Commercial walk-in cooler shelving height is crucial for bar and restaurant owners. It can impact energy costs and revenue. Did you know efficient shelving curbs energy use by optimizing airflow, temperature stability, and space? Easy access and organization also minimize door openings, preserving temperature. Choosing the right shelving sizes ensures smoother operations, organization, and reduced downtime during peak hours.

The height of walk-in refrigerator shelves determines the storage capacity of a commercial cooler. Bar owners can maximize the available space by using customized shelving and efficiently organizing and storing items like kegs, bottles, and perishable ingredients.

Why Shelving Height Matters in Your Beer Cooler

The shelving height in a commercial cooler significantly impacts ergonomics and convenience for food and beverage staff members. With shelves set at the appropriate height, it promotes ergonomic practices by reducing the need for excessive bending or stretching. That's because setting the shelves at an appropriate size minimizes lifting heaving products and reduces bodily impact and the potential for injuries. 

Proper shelving height also contributes to organized storage and improved visibility within the commercial cooler. Setting shelves at the right level enables clear visibility and easy identification of products, facilitating efficient inventory management and reducing the chances of waste or misplaced inventory.

Accessible Excellence: Why 31.5" AFF Height Shelving Reigns Supreme

The right shelving height is important when optimizing space utilization and ensuring convenient storage based on specific needs. This can improve organization and help your beverage team adapt to changing inventory demands. Some benefits of 31.5" AFF shelving:

  • Accessibility: Say goodbye to straining or the need for dangerous step stools in your commercial refrigerator. Cooler Concepts' lower shelving at 31.5". The 31.5" AFF shelving allows for easy access to beverages in the cooler, reducing wait times and ensuring quick service.

  • Visibility and Organization: Picture this, clearly seeing every libation perfectly organized in your beer cooler. With Cooler Concepts' lower shelving, you'll have a bird's-eye view of cold storage inventory: no more frustrating searches or wasted time in the commercial cooler.

  • Ergonomics: Cooler Concepts' engineers are committed to creating safe work environments. Lower shelving means less strain on your feet, legs, back, and shoulders. Your foodservice team will thank you during those long hours in the cooler.

  • Space Optimization: Create more storage without sacrificing floor space. Our shelves help reduce your cooler’s footprint up to 40%.

  • Flexibility: Commercial businesses are constantly evolving, and foodservice operators often find themselves needing to adapt quickly. Customize your storage for a tailored solution that evolves with your business needs.

The Transformative Impact of a 12" Refinement

Why does walk-in shelving matter? Our research suggests that every 40 square feet of space can translate to $56,000 in revenue. So not only are employees working quicker to provide better customer service. But shelving by Cooler Concepts can also help bars, restaurants, casinos, and other beverage businesses keep track of inventory better to prevent overspending and help increase profits.

Is your walk-in cooler ready for a refresher? Cooler Concepts can help:

Cooler Concepts Custom Keg Racks

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