Easily Take Your Walk-in Cooler From Ugly To Beautiful

Efficiency is key to smooth, top-notch service in a fast-moving work environment like bars and restaurants. That's hard to achieve when the necessary logistics are disorganized. Business owners would do well to pay attention to every detail in their operations, including the ones at the back of the store.

Because although it's the storefront or the client-facing section of the establishment that will impact brand image, it's what goes on behind the scenes that will ensure the business provides excellent customer service, helping to produce sales and increase profits.

Walk-in coolers are one of the most critical operational logistics. That's why it must be well maintained and organized. Businesses looking to improve their service and profit can benefit from having an organized walk-in cooler. 

Safety Checklist

An Ugly Beer Cooler Is Dangerous

Bars, restaurants, breweries, and hotels rely heavily on the impressions made by their clients. A positive experience is what keeps people coming back to the establishment, as well as attracting more to go through their doors.

Behind it all, however, is the reality that many of these good-looking hotspots are most likely to have messy, unorganized walk-in coolers. More than being an eyesore, this also becomes a safety hazard.

Beer kegs tipping and rolling over could cause damage to other equipment. The lack of organization also affects inventory accuracy, which impacts profits and sales. Either way, it will mean extra costs for the business owner. 

Not only that, but it will also cause a lot of lost revenue due to poor service. When walk-in beer coolers are disorganized, it becomes more tedious for the bar staff to get what they need. This inefficiency in the workflow will inevitably affect that of the staff in the front of the house. That's why keeping beer coolers organized is essential for the business.

Help Prevent Workplace Accidents

While losing inventory or damaging equipment is bad for business, it can get even worse when an employee becomes injured. The average beer cooler accident can cost a beverage business up to $50,000 in workman's comp and labor loss. There are many various ways that a workplace injury can occur inside a walk-in cooler. 

Slips and falls, collapsing shelves, falling objects, and ice burns are but some of the few incidents that could occur in the walk-in cooler. Unfortunately, these common accidents are preventable if the business pays attention to the needs of its staff to ensure workplace safety. 

At the same time, however, the fortunate thing is that it is preventable with proper safety training and equipment handling. Ultimately, it's up to the business management to ensure that the risks are mitigated by taking steps to keep the walk-in coolers organized.

Clean Up Your Cooler Quickly

Cramped spaces are never ideal for working in, especially concerning inventory. Organizing walk-in coolers using proper shelving and labeling methods can help businesses reduce their beer storage by as much as 40%. This means more space to store other inventory items, more straightforward navigation, and accessibility inside the cooler.

The best solution is to commission custom shelving solutions to fit the space available. When seeking options, it's also a good idea to send the custom shelf company images of the walk-in cooler to show what kind of organization is needed.

Customized shelves are also great for those who may want a modified configuration to accommodate additional items or unique equipment. Custom shelves built by Cooler Concepts typically take less than four weeks to construct, allowing bars, breweries, restaurants, hotels, and casinos to get organized quickly and safely.

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