Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use THE KEG LIFTER Safely and Efficiently

When operating a bar or restaurant that serves draft beer, it's imperative to manage kegs safely and efficiently. Because a full keg can weigh as much as 165 pounds, it's unsafe for a single person to lift it. Because beer can be the biggest revenue-generator in any bar or restaurant, it's critical that operators manage kegs efficiently.

THE KEG LIFTER from Cooler Concepts was created to provide both of these important benefits -- safety and efficiency. This article will outline the steps required to use THE KEG LIFTER, highlighting its remarkable versatility and easy operation regardless of the size and scope of the business.

Understanding the Risks of Lifting Beer Kegs in Your Business

Strains and sprains are highly common in workplaces of all shapes and sizes, from offices to full-service restaurants. At bars and venues where beer kegs are used, workers must be extra careful when moving a keg into place. If workers strain themselves while lifting a keg, it could lead to multiple problems. First, the worker won't be able to perform their job correctly and may even need to go to the hospital or go home to heal. Second, sprains could lead to worker compensation claims, costing the business extra money in premiums. 

Even if a worker can lift a keg by themselves initially, repeated lifting can cause unnecessary back strain and long-term pain. Overall, it's not worth the effort, and brands like the Hard Rock Cafe are switching to THE KEG LIFTER to minimize injuries. So how does it work?

Lifting Made Easy: Maximize Efficiency with THE KEG LIFTER

Technology like THE KEG LIFTER can make bar safety much more attainable. This one device allows a single worker to transport kegs to and from areas like loading docks, walk-in refrigerators, or even behind the bar. Here are the steps necessary to operate THE KEG LIFTER.

Step One: Familiarize Yourself with THE KEG LIFTER

Make sure to read the manual and check the controls to understand how they work. Like other types of instructions or directions, it's always better to read before using. Because the unit operated by a power drill, it's also important to use the lowest speed setting on the drill.

Step Two: Inspect THE KEG LIFTER

Before operating the device, workers should inspect the unit for damage or any other issues that could cause accidental injury or property damage. 

Step Three: Prepare the Work Area

Although THE KEG LIFTER can operate in tight spaces, workers should remove any obstacles that might impede its path. This task is made easier due to the fact that THE KEG LIFTER can operate within a 30-inch space, making maneuverability easy.

Step Four: Position THE KEG LIFTER

Put it next to the keg you want to move, and make sure the unit's mast is aligned with the keg. Ultimately, the goal is to line up the center of the keg lifter (lifting hook)  with the hand hole of the keg.

Step Five: Adjust the Settings

Make sure THE KEG LIFTER is adjusted so the unit and the keg are both on a flat, level surface. 

Step Six: Secure the Keg

Secure the keg to THE KEG LIFTER as you prepare it for transit.

Step Seven: Lift the Keg

Use the lifting mechanism to lift the keg off the ground. Avoid sudden or jerky movements, as those could cause damage to the machinery.

Step Eight: Release the Keg

After moving the keg into the desired position, make sure it's stable and won't tip over. Release the lifting mechanism and verify the keg is stable before moving THE KEG LIFTER. 

Step Nine: Secure and Store THE KEG LIFTER

Return the unit to its storage location. If necessary, charge the drill or perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning.

Unleashing the Power Drill's Role in Operating THE KEG LIFTER

Part of what makes THE KEG LIFTER so easy to use is that operators can use a power drill to lift and lower the keg. You can see the process in action in the video below. The process is much simpler than using a manual winch or crank, which can be tiring and time-consuming. The drill allows operators to lift a keg to 45 inches with the simple squeeze of a power drill trigger. Please note, it's important to operate the drill at the at the lowest speed.

Make sure that your beer cooler is as safe as possible with our free safety checklist:

Safety Checklist

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