Beautifying Your Ugly Beer Cooler

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Working in the bar and restaurant business is hectic work. Making sure staff have quick access to supplies and equipment is important to help with gaining more sales. Here’s why beautifying your ugly beer cooler can help with profits and other parts of your business.

To Increase Sales

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When there’s a set structure in place, things tend to operate a little smoother, no matter what the business is. That’s especially true in the bar and restaurant business. Having to look for a specific case or keg of beer can take time and frustrate both employees who are looking and customers who are ready to buy. Having a messy keg room can also be costing you money. If you’re not sure of your inventory and your weekly output, you could easily be spending thousands of dollars on products you don’t sell enough. With our unique analysis, we call Beer Math you’ll not only have an organized walk-in cooler but also be purchasing the right quantities of kegs, cases and bottles every week, saving labor and money.

It’s A Safety Issue

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Keeping your business’s storage area organized with clear walkways helps keep track of product and keeps your employees safe. Did you know that the average beer cooler accident could cost your business up to $50,000 in worker’s compensation claims? There are also labor losses and trust issues that need to be dealt with when preventable accidents happen. Cooler Concepts’ shelving solutions are the lowest in the industry and is sturdy enough to hold the weight of kegs. Their welded stop also helps keep the kegs in place so they don’t fall off the edge, potentially injuring someone.

Maximum Storage Ability

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Having an ugly beer cooler is also wasted space. With items dropped wherever there seems to be space, the walk-in isn’t utilized to its fullest potential. Making your keg room beautiful with Cooler Concepts shelving allows you to maximize the storage space in your back rooms. In addition, by helping reduce your cooler’s footprint by up to 40% with the correct shelving, you’ll only be keeping stock of beer, wine, and spirits that you need to help make your bar or restaurant a profit.

Transform Your Beer Cooler

At Cooler Concepts, we know that every beer cooler presents its own set of challenges. To help get a better understanding of what obstacles you face on a regular basis, we want to hear from you! Using our nearly three decades of experience helping businesses with their beer cooler space, we want to provide you with solutions that will help you maximize space, save money, and create a safe working environment for your staff.

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