Preventing Breakage in your Commercial Beer Cooler

One of the biggest challenges operators can face when selling beer, wine, and liquor is breakage. While some accidents are unavoidable, too much breakage could weaken the company's bottom line and profitability. Fortunately, with some proactive training and high-quality storage solutions, operators can mitigate this problem significantly. Even something as simple as upgrading the shelving units can have a significant impact.

Understanding the Costs of Breakage and Loss

Breakage can happen for multiple reasons, and it's often inconsistent. Some shifts may experience high breakage numbers, while others may see no losses. So, operators must look at averages over time to pinpoint potential causes.

That said, carelessness or recklessness are often to blame. For example, workers may need to carry more glasses or bottles at once or store inventory correctly. Sometimes, a single bump or knock to a shelf could cause a chain reaction, leading to massive losses.

When crunching the numbers, breakage can significantly impact an establishment's profit margin. If the glass breaks, so can the bank. Even more concerning, shattered bottles can lead to severe safety hazards in a walk-in cooler, and the cleanup can lead to a lot of extra work.

When individual bottles are stored on a wire shelf, even the slightest bump can send bottles falling. White wine can cost a pretty penny.  If it breaks then you have lost the cost of the product as well as the revenue it would have generated!

What's the Proper Storage?

Storing inventory correctly can often prevent many accidents and injuries. As a general rule, heavier items (i.e., kegs) should be stored on the bottom, with bottles and cases on top. The reality, though, is beer storage, whether it's in glass bottles or in a keg, should be organized and efficient, allowing staff to easily rotate product and change out kicked kegs.

Cooler Concepts has a wide variety of storage shelve options and keg lifting accessories that can help make operations easier for today's food and beverage operators. Even better, our shelving is built tough (we've never had a warranty claim in 30 years!) and can be customized to meet specific needs and walk-in dimensions. 

If organization and efficiency are important in your beer program -- and they both should be, of course -- the right keg racks can be critical to success.

Using Shelving by Cooler Concepts Helps Reduce Breakage

While high-quality storage can't solve every breakage problem, it helps with some of the most significant challenges. Cooler Concepts has installed shelving in numerous bars, restaurants, and even stadiums. We know how to make shelving safe, sturdy, and cost-effective, and with a 30-year track record of no replacement shelves needed, we know Cooler Concepts' keg racks are built to withstand the test of time and promote ROI in your beer program.

Increase safety (and profitability) in your walk-in cooler. Start with our safety checklist and tips sheet.

Safety Checklist

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