The Rise In Popularity Of Kombuchas And Seltzers On Tap In Breweries

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We've all seen trends come and go, but very few stick around for more than a few months. With an increase in sales focusing on kombucha and hard seltzer drinks over the last couple of years, it's become clear that this is more than a passing fad for the industry.

While breweries have found great success with craft beers, many have found expanded success in the last few years by putting more focus on the uprising interest in kombucha and seltzers. The market is shifting and here's what you need to know in order to stay up to date when it comes to consumer drinking patterns.

Why Kombuchas and Hard Seltzers?

As many in the industry are aware, the last few years have shown that consumers are on more than a health kick. They're striving to purchase products that aren't only transparent with ingredients and better for the body, but leave them feeling great. Adapting to that, many breweries have found that in addition to being home to craft beer favorites, options such as kombucha have made a direct impact on their sales.

Kombucha has become popular based on the lucidity of ingredients. Compared to beer, the beverage is often crafted with healthier elements such as turmeric or herbs, tangerines, and other fruits. When fermented, not only can consumers enjoy the same percentage, or an increased percentage, in alcohol levels, but they can drink comfortably with savory tastes and more nutritious ingredients. Health assuring combinations of kombucha-based drinks has acted as an invitation for many social drinkers and leaves consumers feeling great about lower carbs and sugar intakes while encouraging a blend of vitamin intake as you drink. 

Hard seltzers follow a similar path when compared to IPA's and Ale's. Many seltzers are gaining traction in the market for tasting great while offering brew lovers a chance to enjoy a drink that's zero carbs, zero sugar, and fairly low on the calorie scale. It's considered a lighter drink and impacts the body differently. Just like kombucha, most seltzers are made heavily with fruits to maintain great tastes while also offering a hint of nutrition while drinking.

Many consumers have come to idolize seltzers because of the way they feel days after drinking them. While craft beers may leave some people feeling dehydrated the next day, many seltzers are so light that those consuming them feel ‘lighter’ after drinking those than they do after drinking heavier beers. 

There's also the health aspect. Kombuchas have long been considered healthy and some think that hard seltzers are healthier, increasing their popularity. 

Should You Add These Trending Drinks To Your Taps?

Both seltzers and kombucha are wide open windows in the industry right now. The sky is the limit, and when transitioning your all beer brewery into hosting a more adaptable menu, you may find that this window of opportunity is the next big thing. Breweries that found success in adding kombucha and seltzer on tap have done so and helped add an extra profit area to their business. Also, if the drinks are very popular with your customers, having them in kegs and on tap will help save your business money, especially using our Beer Math formula (which also works for kombucha and hard seltzers).

Ready to safely store those kegs of hard seltzer and kombucha? 

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