Why The Shape Of Your Beer Glass Matters

Many people are looking for a way to enhance their beer drinking experience. Others want to make sure their customers have a positive experience. Regardless, every bar and restaurant needs to make sure they're serving beer in the correct shaped glass. Even though there are a lot of people who like to drink beer straight from the can or bottle, it is not the best way to enjoy a beer. 

While people might be able to take some of the flavors out of the can or bottle, the best taste comes from pouring the beer into a glass. At the same time, beer glasses come in many shapes and forms. Why does the beer glass matter, and how can beer lovers make sure they use the right one for the beer?

Does Your Beer Glass Matter?

Customers might not think it's a big deal what the shape of the beer glass is. But there are reasons why it matters and can help enhance their beer experience. 

Let's start with the width of the glass. This can dictate the amount of head on the beer following the pour. To minimize the foam that rests on top of the beer after pouring it, people need to make sure they use the right glass. 

Speaking of width, the width of the rim is incredibly important when deciding which beer glass to use. If the rim is too large, the beer might flood the mouth when someone goes to drink it, which can impact their experience. On the other hand, if the rim is too narrow, the beer might not flow fast enough.

Also, the shape of the beer glass dictates the smell of the beer. Anyone who has ever had a cold that affects their smell understands that there is a direct relationship between smell and taste. The right beer glass should allow the aromas to flow smoothly out of the beer, ensuring a good taste.

For all of these reasons, the shape of the beer glass matters significantly when trying to maximize beer enjoyment. 

Why You Should Drink Beer From a Glass

Many times at a bar or restaurant, when a bottled beer is ordered, the server will just plop the open bottle down without a glass. That may be because they don't want to deal with a dirty glass or it's just quicker. But a beer should always be poured into the correct shaped glass. As mentioned above, the smell of the beer is incredibly important. Pouring the beer into the right glass can maximize the smell, which allows people to taste every flavor of the beer.

Pouring a beer into a glass also allows people to see the color of the beer. The color of the beer is a reflection of its maltiness, which is directly related to the taste.

It can also help maximize carbonation. The bubbles in the beer play a significant role in the experience, and beer drinkers need to experience the beer the way the brewer intended.

Clearly, it is important to pour the beer into a glass to maximize the enjoyment. The glass helps bring out the aromas and flavors of the beer.

What Is Beer Math?

Even before the beer is poured into a glass, the beer experience begins when the customer orders. Nobody wants to show up to their favorite bar, restaurant, or brewery only to realize that one of the beers on the menu is out of stock. That is why it is important to beverage businesses to pay close attention to Cooler Concept’s Beer Math. Beer Math is the process of gathering information on how many beers are ordered each week, how many people visit the restaurant, how big the cooler is, and whether some beers are more popular than others.

Then, after taking all of this information and plugging it into a detailed formula, it is possible for bars, breweries, and restaurants to make sure they have enough beer for everyone while also not overstocking their inventory. Making it a great way to minimize overhead expenses while maximizing revenue.

It's important to have the right size cooler for you beverage program. You also need to know if you're ordering the right amounts of beer for your busiest times. Are you? Click below to start our Beer Math quiz! 

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