The Basics of Beer-Drinking on St. Patrick's Day

Each year, people from all over the globe don their best greenery and gather together to feast. Or at least to drink. Over the centuries, St. Patrick's Day has evolved into one of the most celebrated beer-drinking days of the year. And with a little bit of planning, any establishment can ensure enough kegs are on hand for all to raise a glass and cheer Erin go Bragh in celebration of the Emerald Isle's premier holiday.

St. Patty's Day History and Stats

Irish Christians established St. Patrick's Day to honor Patrick of Ireland, a patron saint. By decree, on March 17, 461 A.D., the anniversary of his death, the Catholic Church relaxed Lenten alcohol restrictions. Little did the 5th Century monks know that this small accommodation intended to bring harmony would forever link this popular March holiday with eating and drinking. 

Americans have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day for over three hundred years. While the holiday began in the 5th century, the world's first St. Patrick's Day parade was recorded in Florida in 1601, while the first Boston parade was held in 1737. Each year since 1962, Chicago has dyed the downtown Chicago River green. And New Orleans holds a week-long celebration for St. Patrick's Day.

As the fourth most popular drinking holiday, restaurant patrons celebrate by drinking beer on St Patrick's Day  - pouring over 13 million pints of Guinness annually. The ruby-red Irish dry stout is considered the epitome of Irish beers and is served 819% more often on St. Patrick's Day than throughout the year, but what about the other Irish beers?

Our Favorite Irish Beers

If St. Patrick's Day had an official beer, it would have to be Guinness, but there are numerous other Irish Beers to fill an Imperial pint glass vital to the basics of beer drinking. Ireland brews many popular stouts, such as Murphy's Stout - a creamy brew that packs toffee and coffee undertones. But for many, these rich brown delicacies are an acquired taste. 

Never fear. Ireland is also famous for red ales. Established in 1710, Smithwick's brews an Irish Red Ale. Sullivan's Malting Irish Red Ale comes from Kilkenny, Ireland. A smooth pilsner-style lager, Harp, is a United States favorite, manufactured at the Moosehead Brewery in New Brunswick, Canada.

Prepare Your Beer Cooler for St. Patrick's Day

Whether a local haunt or bustling restaurant, keg beer is a high-margin item, essential to profitability. This is particularly true on a beer-centric holiday like St. Patrick's Day when easy access to the Guinness kegs is vital.

Thinking about organizing for the big holiday or a weekly pint night? Beer Math can help. Beer Math involves Draft Beer Analysis (DBA) - a handy formula derived from years of research. Beer Math combines the total draft ounces poured per week and the number of taps to determine walk-in beer cooler shelving and storage needs for tapped kegs and back-ups. 

Beer Math can provide up to 40% more useable storage space. And with a spot for every product, the walk-in cooler is safer and more efficient. Beer Math also ensures that only needed inventory is purchased, saving time, money, and walk-in cooler storage space while preventing empty-keg syndrome.

St. Patty's Day Beer Math

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