The Taproom Takeover

A taproom can be a great asset to any brewery. Not only does it provide a place for customers to come and try your beer, but it can also be used as a venue for events, a retail space, and a source of income. However, opening a taproom is not as simple as just putting out some tables and chairs. You need to do a few things to ensure your taproom is successful.

Taprooms and Takeovers

People often have difficulty telling the difference between a taproom and a brewpub. To put it simply: A taproom is a place where people can go to drink beer brewed on-site. A brewpub is a place where people can go to drink beer from multiple breweries and eat food. Sometimes a taproom will feature a unique selection of beers from another craft brewery for a limited time. This is known as a taproom takeover.

The taproom industry accounts for 8 percent of beer production volume in the United States. And the industry continues to grow after a slight decline a few years ago. So taproom takeovers are an excellent example of how local companies can team up for the mutual benefit.

More Beer, More (Storage) Problems

As the popularity of craft beer continues to grow, so does the need for storage for taprooms and beer lovers alike. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which is correct. The more beer a bar wants to offer, the more storage problems it will run into.

High-quality keg racks are essential for walk-in coolers and supply closets for a taproom because they ensure that the kegs and other supplies are properly stored and organized. This prevents potential accidents and makes finding the supplies you need easier.

Of course, supply shortages are one of the biggest challenges facing taprooms and breweries these days. Supply chain shortages affect the craft beer brewing industry by causing a lack of hops, grain, and barley, key ingredients in beverages. The deficit is caused by a combination of factors, including bad weather in vital hop-growing regions, increased demand for craft beer, and a decrease in the overall supply of barley and wheat due to the Russo-Ukrainian War. This has led to higher ingredient prices, leading to higher costs for craft beer.

Focus on Maximizing Your Space

Cooler Concepts' shelving systems are designed to maximize space in coolers. The shelves are adjustable so that they can be moved to accommodate different-sized items. The shelves are also spaced apart to allow easy access to all items in the cooler. Our shelving is made from robust and durable steel that lasts longer and holds heavier loads than aluminum.

Custom Keg Coolers

We can outfit your walk-in cooler with custom keg racks that look both stunning and well-organized. We can add different colors, materials, and finishes to create a one-of-a-kind cooler that perfectly matches your business's style. We can set up your cooler to be highly functional, so you can easily store and access your kegs.

Replacing Old Storage Systems

We can replace outdated beer storage systems and create a safer work environment. Our company's products are designed to keep beer at a consistent temperature, which helps prevent spoilage and ensures that the product is fresh when served. In addition, our products are designed to be more durable and easier to clean than traditional beer storage systems, making them ideal for use in busy restaurants and bars.

Ready-To-Ship Options

Our Ready Ship Program is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get the most popular shelving options for businesses. Our program offers various shelving options ready to ship within 24 hours, so companies can quickly get the shelving they need without worrying about the cost.

Make your taproom organized and efficient - click below to begin our cooler customization and get started.

Cooler Concepts Custom Keg Racks

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