Fill Your Beer Cooler Faster with the Ready Ship Program

Fill Your Beer Cooler Faster with the Ready Ship Program

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

The Ready Ship Program from Cooler Concepts resoundingly invalidates that old adage.

Consumer-facing hospitality businesses that serve beer from coolers—breweries, restaurants, bars, stadia, arenas, hotels, and casinos—find that the beer cooler organization system made of durable steel exceeds expectations by checking multiple boxes. The Ready Ship Program avoids supply chain challenges by shipping domestically from US manufacturing sites within one day of order placement. Cooler Concepts’ unique beer cooler design program also saves breweries, restaurants, and bars money while also eliminating the traditional guesswork from the creation of custom shelving.

Never Again Wait Months to Get Equipment

Supply chain issues continue to create challenges for foodservice operators, from skyrocketing container pricing to painful delays in delivery. While Cooler Concepts cannot solve all supply chain business challenges, they can eliminate concerns about keg cooler storage shelving in standard walk-ins by shipping orders in one day from domestic locations and getting beer coolers filled faster.

The Ready Ship Program offers prospective customers the ability to get their shelves shipped in a day by choosing from four of the most popular custom beer shelf designs. These profiles can be used alone or connected together to form a continuous run of shelving. These designs are perfect for walk-ins with 90-degree angles. Customers planning for these profiles need to know ceiling height restrictions and be mindful of potential non-moveable obstructions like evaporation coils.

Spend Less on Custom-Order Shelving

Cooler Concepts’ years of experience are evident in their designs. As Cooler Concepts nears 30 years in business, they remain committed to developing custom shelving solutions that fit the specific requirements of a company’s beverage operation. By utilizing one of four unique shelving profiles, you'll know you're getting the right size and type of shelving based on your dimensions and your requirements.

Operators save money as their well-designed custom shelving solutions maximize storage space, better organize operations to benefit daily employee workflows, and lower the risk of injury inside potentially dangerous walk-in cooler spaces.

Maximize Cooler Storage Capacity

Real estate is precious in every back-of-house operation. Cooler Concepts leverages its 28 years of experience in beer cooler design for stadiums, bars, restaurants, casinos, and hotels to help foodservice operators develop the ideal layouts for walk-in coolers that provide specific placement for all beverage products: kegs, cases, and bottles. This ensures that operators keep walk-in aisles clear and mitigate the need to block corners or stack kegs.

In the end, operators get back up to 40% of the available footprint, which can then be used to increase revenue in other parts of the operation.

Ready to calculate your personalized solution and reduce your footprint by 40%?

Cooler Concepts talked and listened to end-users of thousands of projects to determine customer needs regarding ounces of pours per week and other nuanced needs. They gathered these specific data points to create Beer Math, which calculates 1-week storage needs. Cooler Concepts then took the analytics to the next level with Draft Beer Analysis (DBA). DBA formulates the proper beer shelving solution based on usage. A key insight for operators is that no matter the number of taps in a beer cooler, 1/3 of those taps will move faster, while the other 2/3 lags.

As a result, Cooler Concepts can place fast-moving products along the floor while slow movers move to the main shelf. This strategic beer cooler organization configuration ensures that employees only need to lift kegs when moving empty units to the floor. As a result of Beer Math, Cooler Concepts can reduce the footprint of new walk-in coolers by up to 40%!

Use the free Beer Math Calculator to calculate your needs now.

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