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Bar, restaurant, and nightclub owners who serve alcohol know how important it is to store the alcohol at proper temperatures and to always have an adequate supply on hand. For companies that use kegs to house the alcohol, making sure that it’s accessible and that employees remain safe while changing out kegs are priorities.

While there are many solutions on the market, Cooler Concepts is the best option to work with when it’s time to get the cooler in good shape. Our custom options help business owners to have optimal protection while saving profit.

Time is Money

The average bartender earns around $12.55 per hour, not including tips, in the United States. While the bartender is technically still working when they’re changing out kegs, it’s actually deadtime that could be used better to take care of customers. Think about it this way: a bartender who takes 10 minutes to change a keg because of having to move the old keg and place the new keg properly would lose an hour of productivity every six kegs they had to change. With the keg lifter, you can switch out a keg within seconds. 

The Keg Lifter does the work for the bartender so they aren’t left wrestling with a keg. Not only does this enable them to make the most of their work time, but it can also help to prevent injuries. Stats show, 57.5% of bartenders are female. Bartenders who aren’t trying to lift full kegs, which can easily weigh 165 pounds, aren’t as great of a risk of injury as those who are trying to move a full keg.

Even an empty keg weighs 30 pounds, and that’s enough to cause an injury. Adding the Keg Lifter to a bar, nightclub, or restaurant significantly reduces the risk that an employee will suffer some sort of injury while changing kegs.

Space is at a premium for some businesses. The Keg Lifter works for these businesses because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is designed to use minimal space for maneuvering kegs.

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Customization From Cooler Concepts

Making the most of the space in the cooler is critical so workers know they’ll always have the inventory they need, and because they need to know that they can reach it when necessary. Custom cooler shelving makes this possible. Cooler Concepts can take every facet of a cooler design into account when creating shelving that’s sturdy and functional.

The Cooler Concepts team can work around keg lines, evaporators, and other obstacles that make it hard to get the shelving where it needs to be. By investing in a completely custom cooler shelving system, business owners can be sure that they’re maximizing space usage in a way that benefits their business.

The Last Walk-in Shelving You’ll Need

One of the most important things to remember about cooler shelving is that the material matters. Steel shelving is the best option for a cooler because it’s sturdy. Steel is going to last a lot longer than aluminum because steel can handle the weight of the kegs, even when they’re being moved.

Keg racks by Cooler Concepts provide solutions for bar coolers and is the only shelving developed by a beer deliver man. The no-lift keg storage provides valuable durability and functionality for commercial coolers. In more than 28 years in business, Cooler Concepts hasn’t ever had a warranty claim on any unit.

Business owners who utilize Cooler Concepts for keg racks and other solutions are making an investment in their company. Once they implement these solutions, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without them.

Cooler Concepts Custom Keg Racks

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