A Guide To Serving Kegged Cocktails

When it comes to New Year's Eve cocktails, the possibilities are endless. This holiday, consider putting the most popular options into kegs. Quicker to pour and serve, kegged cocktails are the perfect bar menu addition for busy holiday nights when handcrafting every beverage is out of the question. 

Kegs Are For More Than Just Beer

In the past few years, the craft drink scene has skyrocketed in popularity, paving the way for the reinvention of kegged drinks. Now, beer is not the only drink kept on tap. In bars across the country, classic cocktails and wine are being stored in kegs for quick, ready-to-consume drinks on tap.  

Of course, adapting cocktails for keg storage come with its own unique challenges and limitations. For example, mixed drinks on tap can not contain unclarified fruit juices as they will settle, and kegs can not be shaken to remix the drink. Your kegged cocktails should also be able to withstand a constant temperature of 32 to 33 degrees. While this may sound challenging, once you’ve adapted your cocktail recipes for kegs, the benefits are undeniable. 

Advantages of Kegging Cocktails

Kegged cocktails offer many advantages for busy bars looking to save time preparing drinks during busy holiday rushes. As kegged cocktails are pre-made, these delicious drinks can be served much faster than traditional cocktails that are made one by one. Delicious drinks on tap mean quicker service, more customers, and less staff needed to serve large crowds, which can increase profitability.

Another significant benefit of cocktails on tap is a more consistent flavor. While traditional cocktails are made to order, leading to frequent variations in taste, kegged cocktails are produced in large batches allowing for a more constant flavor with less room for error. 

Finally, kegged cocktails or wine require no additional ingredients and can be purchased in large quantities, which can help you maximize your bar’s storage space. Instead of having to keep multiple components for countless drinks on hand, bars can focus on having ingredients for cocktails that are not on tap. Large kegs are typically held in backrooms or beneath the bar, so having cocktails on tap frees up a lot of coveted bar space.

Keep Those Kegs Stored Safely 

With more kegs in your walk-in or storage area, it is essential to keep staff safe. Improperly stored kegs and inadequate shelving are significant hazards for bar staff that can cause easily preventable injuries. To keep your employees safe, invest in proper storage, like reliable, safe shelving. By keeping kegs organized and off the floor, not only are tripping hazards eliminated, but also it's easier to see what's in inventory to be sure you're not ordering products you already have on hand.

And don't forget to include a safe way to get those kegs on the shelves. Full kegs can weigh as much as 165 pounds. Lifting one alone can lead to back strain or dropping the keg on a foot or head. All of that is eliminated with The Keg Lifter. Allowing any employee, no matter their size or height, to get full kegs on and off of shelving safely lets other staff focus on areas of the business, like customer service, that helps increase profits and doesn't risk injury. 

Start saving time and labor and start making money with The Keg Lifter - click below to find out how. 

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