Giving Your Employees The Gift Of Safety, Labor, and Organization

Holiday gift giving is on everyone's mind right now and it's always great for employers to show their appreciation to their employees at the end of the year. Why not gift your employees something that lasts all year long - the gift of safety, labor, and organization? 

Giving the Gift of Safety

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Keeping your storage closets and walk-in coolers organized and supplied with quality shelving is one of the best gifts you can give your employees this year. Our founder and CEO Bill Dunnett knows firsthand how one accident with a keg can impact someone's life. The average beer cooler accident can cost a beverage business up to $50,000 in workman's comp and labor loss. In addition to impacting your business, there is also lost income, additional medical bills, and other issues that will affect your employees. 

Cooler Concepts shelving systems, including our No Lift Keg Storage, are constructed of steel, allowing the shelves to withstand more weight than traditional aluminum racks. A full keg of beer weighs 165 pounds, while an empty barrel keg weighs 30 pounds. Multiply that by the number of kegs your brewery, hotel, casino, or restaurant stores has on hand and you'll figure out quickly why using commercial aluminum catalog shelving is like putting a piece of coal into the stockings of your employees. 

Giving the Gift of Labor 

Every business is concerned about labor and in the bar and beverage industry during the holidays, it's more important than ever to make sure that there is enough staff front-of-house and back-of-house to get everyone served quickly and correctly. 

One way to help with labor is with The Keg Lifter. Designed to operate in smaller spaces and easily navigate aisles as small as 30 inches, The Keg Lifter can rise up to 45 inches, helping your employees lift and replace kegs much faster, by themselves, and without the risk of back injuries.

Giving the Gift of Organization

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Making sure your coolers are organized for your employees is the gift that keeps on giving. Having what we call an ugly walk-in cooler isn't only unattractive. It is a safety issue, hinders how much storage you can use, and could be costing your money. Beautifying your ugly beer cooler will reap many rewards for your team. 

Don't Forget a Gift for Yourself

If you're ready to gift your employees and want to be sure to get the shelving without having long waits because of supply and shipping issues, Cooler Concepts can help. 

Our Ready Ship Program lets you select from our four most popular beer storage shelves. Letting you use them as one unit or linking the same styles together for larger units, this durable long-lasting steel shelving helps get those closets and walk-in coolers organized. This not only helps with employee safety but also can help increase your beer cooler capacity by up to 40 percent, increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Which is just as great a gift for your employees when they start seeing the rewards in more orders and more tips. 

Made in the USA, Ready Ship shelving can ship to you within three days of placing your order. Get your coolers organized and safe so your employees are safer and happier this holiday season.  

Ready to see how your shelving can help you figure out exactly how much beer you'll need each week? Click below to take our Beer Math quiz and find out!

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