The Weight of a Keg: Putting the Load into Perspective

Draft beer is a popular beverage and a big money maker for bars, restaurants, and other foodservice operations. This means it's common for staff members to continuously move empty kegs and replace them with full ones. While it's important to make sure there's always beer flowing out of every tap, the reality is that full kegs are very heavy, and having staff move them can be time-consuming and, sometimes, even dangerous.

What if those kegs were other items? Thinking of kegs in other terms sometimes makes operators wonder if it makes sense for staff to manually move items of this weight. So, how much does a keg really weigh? And how does that compare with other objects of similar weight? 

The Weight of a Keg

When people think of the classic beer keg, what they're usually thinking of is a half-barrel keg, also referred to as a full-size keg. It contains around 124 pints of beer, and compared to other keg sizes, it weighs around 165 pounds. This weight accounts for both the stainless steel keg shell as well as the liquid it contains.

To put this in perspective, here are some other items and objects that have a similar weight as the the classic keg:

Cooler Concepts Full Keg Comparison Chart Weight



We wouldn't expect staff members to lift a riding lawnmower, so why should we expect them to lift a 165-pound keg from the floor to the top shelf of a keg rack? The reality is that there is a much easier way to handle keg relocation. Watch THE KEG LIFTER video to see how 400 lbs was moved effortlessly!

THE KEG LIFTER lifts full kegs with just the touch of a finger. Using a lifting hook and a power drill to easily lift and maneuver kegs means that employees won't strain their backs. It also means that kegs can be replaced quickly, helping increase sales. Two rear wheels on THE KEG LIFTER allow employees to move it around smoothly, and each piece is made of durable powder-coated metal, so you can rely on this product for years to come.

Yes, THE KEG LIFTER makes it easier and faster to relocate kegs, but it's also safer. Employees will be better suited to keep keg rooms better organized, and as operators know, a more productive keg room equals higher profits. And happier customers and staff. 

Ready to bring THE KEG LIFTER to your beverage business? Get started:

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