The Making of the Barstool River North Sports Bar Installation

Cooler Concepts has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries and is honored to work with Barstool River North Sports Bar in Chicago to help them with all their shelving needs. Barstool Sports Bar is a subsidiary of Barstool Sports, which is a digital media company that is known for its sports takes. Take a look at what Cooler Concepts professionals did for Barstool Sports Bar, and reach out to learn more about how we can help you.

Bringing Barstool Sports Bar To Life

For many years, Barstool Sports has been one of the most popular online sports media companies in the world, with numerous articles published on a wide variety of topics. It was founded by Daniel Portnoy, who has transformed Barstool Sports into one of the most popular sports media names. Now, Barstool Sports is expanding off the internet with its Barstool Sports Bar, bringing its moniker to life.

Barstool Sports Bar took over an existing bar and restaurant, which had already had some Cooler Concepts shelving. Cooler Concepts was enlisted again, this time to help Barstool Sports Bar transform the space to meet their specific needs. We lowered the shelving from 42 inches off the floor to 27 inches off the floor. Then, more Cooler Concepts products were added to make sure the space met their needs for storage.

Barstool Sports Bar 3

During the coronavirus pandemic, there were numerous bars that took over existing spaces and opened their doors to patrons. No matter what happens, what type of establishment you have taken over, or what your needs might be, the team at Cooler Concepts is always available to help retrofit shelving or start off from scratch. 

How Our Shelving Is Different

At Cooler Concepts, the quality of the materials used in the shelving is what sets us apart from the other companies in the industry. Cooler Concepts constructs all of our shelves from steel, which is significantly stronger than aluminum. Customers deserve to have quality, durable shelving, and that is exactly what you get with Cooler Concepts products.

Safety matters. A full keg of beer is incredibly heavy, and you do not want your aluminum shelf to fail under all that weight. Steel shelving is stronger, can hold more weight and will last significantly longer than aluminum shelves. This in returns, helps everyone save money because they do not have to replace their shelving as often. Furthermore, Cooler Concepts can work with customers to make sure they have the right amount of shelving to meet their needs. 

Leave Out the Guesswork

Cooler Concepts understands that you want the purchase of shelving to meet your needs; however, you don't need to guess! Cooler Concepts has a beer math calculator that you can use to figure out how many kegs you should actually be storing each week in the walk-in cooler. This calculator takes the number of beers on tap, the size of the kegs they use, the brand of the beer they pour, and how many ounces of each beer they pour per week. Using this information, Cooler Concepts can estimate just how many kegs you need to store and how many shelves you need. 

Ready to do some Beer Math and figure out the right amount of shelving for your bar, restaurant, casino, or hotel? Our Beer Math calculator can help:

Cooler Concepts Beer Math Call To Action


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