Investing in Quality: The Unseen Savings of Steel Shelving in Commercial Walk-in Beer Coolers

Typically, the choice is between steel and aluminum when it comes to purchasing shelving for walk-in beer coolers. While some choose aluminum thinking it's lightweight and doesn't rust, there are more compelling advantages to using steel shelving for commercial coolers. Those advantages become even more apparent when shelving is used for heavy items like beer kegs.

Durability Matters: Why Steel Shelving Lasts Longer in Walk-In Coolers

Durability and ruggedness are hallmarks of high-quality commercial shelving. While it may be tempting for an operator to buy inexpensive shelves, cheap shelves become more expensive in the long run. 

Steel is simply more dependable, especially in a keg cooler. It's much stronger than other metals, especially aluminum, so it can take the abuse of regular wear and tear. Steel shelves are also designed to hold more weight, which is beneficial for bars and restaurants that use beer kegs. A full keg weighs around 165 pounds, and most businesses must store multiple kegs on a single shelf. Steel can easily handle these weights and won't buckle or break, even over the long term. Finally, galvanized steel doesn't rust like traditional steel. Because the metal is infused with a zinc coating, the elements that cause rust don't affect it. So, even in a walk-in where moisture and air are abundant, galvanized steel shelves will stay pristine. 

Hidden Expenses of Cheap Shelving: Why Investing in Quality Matters

Cheap shelving is just that -- cheap. It doesn't have the durability of more reliable steel shelving, and it ultimately becomes more expensive when it needs to be replaced after breaking down and failing. 

It's important to consider what the shelving will be used for, and if it's being used to store heavy items like beer kegs, operators should make sure to inspect it on a regular basis. Cheap shelving will bow in the center, creating a safety hazard that could potentially cause serious injury in a worst-case scenario.

There is another, more reliable option, of course...

Cooler Concepts' Steel Shelving Solutions

In addition to being sturdier than aluminum, galvanized steel is also less expensive by a sizable margin. So, operators can take advantage of cost savings while providing the best shelving for their walk-in cooler. This is the main concept behind keg racks from Cooler Concepts. We believe in reliability over time, not the need to replace shelves every few years. In fact, in almost 30 years in business, Cooler Concepts has never had a warranty request to replace any shelving. A fact we know helps our customers and makes us very proud as a company. 

Customizing the shelving for your business walk-in is easier and less expensive than you might think:

Cooler Concepts Custom Keg Racks

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