Exploring Beer and Spirit Trails Across The U.S.

People love sampling and learning more about beer and cocktails, particularly when they're grouped in a particular geographical location as part of a beer or spirit trail. These self-guided tours are a great way to discover a town or region and an even better way to meet new people on the same tour.

While there are beer trails and spirit trails all across the country, for the Cooler Concepts team, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Why? We found these to be great examples of trails that allow everyone not only to try some delicious drinks but also to learn more about the history of spirits and beer in that part of the country. Here are some of our favorites:

Florida Distillery Trail

One of the first places to start is the Florida Distillery Trail. It was launched by the Florida Craft Spirits Association and includes 39 stops. This is an opportunity to explore the state, check out some landmarks, and enjoy some of the best spirits in the Sunshine State. Everything from liqueurs and cordials to moonshine, vodka, and whiskey will be included. Distilleries in St. Augustine, Key West, Jacksonville, Largo, and Miami are represented, so this is a great chance to learn more about Floridian spirits and cocktails. 

Colorado Spirits Trail

The next option is the Colorado Spirits Trail, which includes dozens of stops throughout the state. Many of the ingredients come from the local area, and cocktails are made to represent the gorgeous landscape Colorado is known for. Locations in Monument, Littleton, Denver, and Colorado Springs are represented. Many of these distilleries offer tours that give participants a behind-the-scenes look at what Colorado distilleries do to bring out the best flavors. 

Michigan Brew Trail

The Michigan Brew Trail shines a light on the emerging craft beer scene in Michigan. With many people in the area asking for more craft for your options, new breweries are popping up left and right, providing everyone with more options. Now, this trail, which includes a handful of breweries, spotlights delicious craft beer options throughout Michigan. Some of the breweries that are represented include Saucy Brew Works, The Highway Brewing Company, Midland Brewing Company, and Blackrocks Brewery. 

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky is inextricably tied with bourbon, so it should come as no surprise that there is a Kentucky Bourbon Trail as well. There are so many distilleries in Kentucky that there are multiple itineraries available, allowing participants to tailor their adventures to meet their needs. Some of the top bourbon brands that are made in Kentucky include Maker's Mark, Bulleit Distilling, Green River Distilling Company, Jim Beam, Bourbon Town Branch, and Evan Williams. The opportunities for adventure are endless on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. 

Columbus Distillery Trail

The Columbus Distillery Trail spotlights local distilleries. This trail provides residents and visitors alike with an opportunity to learn about mainstay recipes, the importance of local ingredients, and how traditional flavors are brought out. It also provides participants with a chance to take a look at the process, sample local drinks, and build relationships with local distillers that drive a greater appreciation for the spirits made in the Ohio Valley. 

Siskiyou Beer Trail

The Siskiyou Beer Trail, located in Northern California, is a great opportunity for outdoor adventure with amazing craft beer. Northern California has a large craft beer scene, and many of the beers are paired with delicious food as well. Some of the breweries that are represented include Dunsmuir Brewery Works, The Garden Tap, Siskiyou Brew Works, Mt. Shasta Brewing, and Paystreak Brewing. Every brewery has its own specialty, so participants will get a chance to try beer with a wide variety of flavors while gazing at the unparalleled landscape of Northern California. 

Having enough kegs of beer, wine, and spirits to satisfy those on trails requires having an organized walk-in to maintain inventory and staff safety. Download our safety checklist to make sure your bar, restaurant, or hotel is ready. 

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