Making Drinks Fun with Spirits on the Bar Gun

When it comes to storing and dispensing cocktails in today's fast-paced and high-volume operations, it can be fun to have spirits on a bar gun. It can also be much more profitable, which translates directly to higher profit margins for the operations.

Picture this: a bartender effortlessly crafting a cocktail by simply pressing a button on a soda gun. Sounds too good to be true? Well, with liquor-infused soda guns, this is now a reality. While soda guns were once typically reserved for just that, soda and mixers, today, it's more common to find spirits on the gun.

These innovative tools allow bartenders to dispense a wide variety of spirits directly from the gun, in some cases even kegged cocktails, eliminating the need to measure and pour each individual ingredient or deal with clunky bottles along the speed rail. From vodka and rum to whiskey and tequila, the options are virtually endless as keg cocktails and putting spirits on the gun can provide better ways for operators to speed up turn-around times and the overall speed of service. After all, the more drinks served, the greater the profits.

The Advantages of Serving Spirits on the Gun

Before we get into what we see as the main challenge, let's start by talking about why operations should consider putting spirits on the gun. Keep in mind this application really isn't intended for craft cocktail bars and speakeasy-type operations. Putting spirits on the gun can be ideal for high-volume operations like high-volume bars, stadiums, clubs and discotheques, casinos, and sports pubs.

Minimize Waste and Track Pour Volume

Putting spirits on the gun can be a great way to minimize waste and reduce overpours. In addition, the system can be directly tied to a POS system, making ticketing and payment easier for the operation. Pour costs can directly impact the bottom line, so each pour is critical to achieving goals and objectives.

Save Time

A gun is ultimately tied to a source rather than individual bottles behind the bar. When operators put spirits on the gun, it provides the ability to access larger volumes of a given spirit without the need to change out the bottle every time one is empty. When bartenders can spend time tending the bar instead of running to the supply closet, it means that time is spent making money rather than maintaining inventory.

Save Space

When well spirits and even some top-shelf items are on the gun, those bottles can be moved to a location away from the immediate workspace. That's less time staff have to maneuver around clunky bottles. And it also means opening up those new spaces for more specialty spirits. With the ability to house more ingredients, it creates an opportunity for menu diversity, and who doesn't like having more options?

Consider the Benefits of Putting Spirits on the Gun

It's no secret that liquor is a cornerstone of profitability for bars and restaurants. With higher profit margins compared to beer and wine, liquor sales play a crucial role in driving revenue for establishments. By utilizing liquor-infused soda guns, bars can further maximize their profits by taking advantage of the benefits listed above.

Streamlining the cocktail-making process allows bartenders to serve more customers in less time, leading to higher throughput and increased revenue. Furthermore, by accurately measuring each pour, bars can minimize overpouring and prevent revenue loss due to spillage. This combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes liquor-infused soda guns a valuable investment for any establishment.

Cooler Concepts is committed to the idea of making the bar more efficient and more profitable, no matter what the trends. Stay tuned for a new solution we plan to release later in 2024 that will make bottle storage easier and safer for operations that want to put spirits on the gun.

In the meantime, tell us what trends and challenges you want to learn more about, and we'll be sure to cue up the content:

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