Profitable Bar and Beverage Trends to Look for in 2024

As we all know, a bar and beverage program can be the biggest money maker in any foodservice or hospitality-driven operation. Whether it's a restaurant looking to attract guests with a wide-ranging beer selection or a stadium that wants to provide fast and efficient beer service before the start of the second half, there will be specific trends emerging in 2024 that can help make an operation more profitable.

Let's take a closer look at the bar and beverage trends we're looking for in 2024 that will help enhance the customer experience and the bottom line even better.

Energy Efficiency Boosts Profits

In the pursuit of sustainable practices and cost-effectiveness, the importance of energy-efficient beer coolers cannot be overstated. A recent study by the NRDC emphasizes the significance of efficiency standards for beverage coolers, not only in reducing environmental impact but also in keeping operational costs down. As we venture into 2024, establishments are likely to prioritize coolers that strike a balance between maintaining beverage quality and minimizing energy consumption, aligning with both economic and environmental objectives.

How? One simple yet important factor in walk-in energy consumption is the duration of time the walk-in doors remain open. Simply put, the faster staff can find a needed keg, move that keg, grab a case of beer, or generally navigate a walk-in, the less time and energy will be wasted by an open cooler. A walk-in cooler that is organized and efficient is needed. That goes a long way in keeping the cooler at proper temps. Energy efficiency in a walk-in cooler designed for kegs or beverages will be directly impacted by the organization within that cooler, and Cooler Concepts is here to help solve those challenges.

hybrid 3 31aFinally, when you're dealing with a beer system, when the glycol units on top of the walk-in beer cooler along with the condenser for the walk-in, the unit can operate at less than 70 percent efficiency because both the glycol and condensing units are producing their own hot air. This is what the industry typically refers to as recycled air, and efficiency is impacted when both units blow hot air at each other when they're in close proximity.

Solutions like THE HYBRID from Cooler Concepts can help operators move a glycol unit from the walk-in, increasing efficiency. At the same time, these units provide for extra storage of beer gas like CO2 and nitrogen.

Integrate Technology Into Your Beverage Program

The integration of technology can help any restaurant or hospitality-focused operation maximize the potential of a beverage program. Whether it's intelligent pouring systems for liquor and spirits or wine dispensing that helps eliminate spoilage, technology can be a game changer for beer, wine, and cocktail programs.

This translates to walk-in coolers, as well. Innovations like THE KEG LIFTER are revolutionizing the way bars operate. This advanced technology not only enhances the efficiency of keg handling but also streamlines operations, leading to significant time and labor savings.

Cocktails on Tap Can Increase Profits

The trend of serving beverages on tap is extending beyond beer, with cocktails taking center stage. Establishments are recognizing the efficiency and consistency that comes with serving kegged cocktails, and as we enter 2024, we can expect increased adoption of tap systems for a diverse range of beverages, especially cocktails.

On-tap cocktails will require storage, though, as they will likely be contained in pony kegs. How easy will it be to store them? Can bartenders quickly swap out a used cocktail keg with a new one? Will there be space for kegged cocktails alongside the beer? These questions all depend on the general makeup of the walk-in keg cooler.

Not All Coolers Are the Same

Ultimately, each operation will have a different cooler size and shape, in addition to the need to serve and hold different beverages. The goal should be to store these profit makers in a walk-in cooler that is clean and attractive.

What do we mean by clean and attractive? Despite the appealing exteriors of these establishments, many are plagued by messy and disorganized walk-in coolers, posing safety hazards and operational inefficiencies. Unorganized coolers contribute to the risk of beer kegs tipping, causing equipment damage and impacting inventory accuracy, ultimately affecting profits. The disarray also leads to poor service and lost revenue, as the bar staff faces challenges in accessing needed items efficiently. Recognizing the essential role of organized beer coolers in the overall business operation, maintaining order becomes imperative for owners to avoid additional costs and ensure a seamless workflow.

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