Spring Cleaning For Your Walk-In Cooler

It is important for everyone to keep their walk-in cooler clean. Even though it can be a hassle to clean the cooler regularly, it is important for protecting the quality of the product while also keeping all consumers and employees safe. Remember that a clean cooler is also a safe cooler, and there are several important tips everyone should follow to keep the walk-in cooler as clean as possible.

Walk-In Cooler Cleaning Tips

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There are a few reasons why people need to keep their walk-in cooler clean. First, everyone should clean the walk-in cooler because it will prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the cooler. If people do not clean the cooler, they might find that the beer doesn't taste quite as good as it should.

People also need to clean the walk-in cooler because this gives them a chance to identify issues with the cooler. If restaurants do not clean it regularly, it might be difficult to spot issues with the cooler underneath all the debris.

Finally, it is important to protect employees as well. If people do not clean the walk-in cooler, the restaurant could place them at risk. 

There are a few tips everyone should follow to keep the walk-in cooler clean. First, consider upgrading the lights in the cooler. This will make it easier to spot issues with the cooler as people clean the surface.

Think about instituting a variety of mold control techniques as well. Some mold can blend in with the surface of the walk-in cooler, but these techniques can prevent mold from growing in the cooler by keeping it dry.

When cleaning the walk-in cooler, make sure to use a non-abrasive dish detergent. Allow all surfaces to dry by keeping that cooler open. Do not close the unit until the cooler is dry. If people follow these tips, they should be able to keep the walk-in cooler clean. 

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Once the walk-in has been scrubbed down and dried out, the way you put the kegs and cases back in is important. After all that work, you don't want to clutter the cooler back up. 

Having everything stored on sturdy shelving and not stacked in the aisles helps with inventory and can help keep beer rotated and fresh. No one whats to work in an ugly beer cooler. When items are cluttered together, the beers that are the slower movers can tend to get shoved to the back. Not knowing they're back there means when you need more, you might not be able to find them and order more. Not a good way to increase profit margins or cut costs. 

With the kegs and cases stored and organized neatly, you'll be able to see what you have and not accidentally overorder beer and drinks you have on hand.

A Clean Beer Cooler Is Also A SAFE Cooler

Cooler Concepts Postgame Pub Before & After-1Another reason why bars and restaurants need to clean the walk-in cooler is that a dirty cooler is a safety hazard. When the cooler isn't clean and sanitized regularly, there could be grease build-up which can result in a slip and fall and a worker's compensation claim.Costing your business time, labor, and money. 


Also, a clean cooler makes it easier for staff to see what they're doing. Making it easier to see, easier to clean possible spills, and safer for your team.

Cooler Concepts Has The Storage Solution

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A critical part of keeping employees safe is reducing the amount of lifting they need to do. If employees have to lift a bunch of heavy objects, they run the risk of getting hurt.

If bars and restaurants invest in our No-lift Keg Storage solution, they can take advantage of every square inch in the walk-in cooler while reducing the chances of someone getting hurt. Establishments can store more beer in the same amount of space, and they can protect their employees from injuries. Easy to assemble and made from durable components that will stand up to routine wear and tear, the No-life Keg Storage system is an essential part of keeping the walk-in cooler clean. 

Looking to get your beer walk-in cooler clean and safe for your team and customers? Click below to get started!

Cooler Concepts Custom Keg Racks

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