Game Changer: How Professional Sports Teams Are Cashing in on Legalized Sports Betting

While gambling is still illegal in many parts of the US, more and more states are starting to legalize sports betting. Unlike traditional gambling with slot machines and card games, sports betting is much more fast-paced and easier to learn, which is why public perception around it is changing. Additionally, states are realizing how much revenue sports betting can bring in, making it a lucrative opportunity for those areas where it is legalized. 

But it's not just states that can benefit from this trend. Everyone from teams to sports bars can get in on the action and claim their piece of the pie. Even restaurant equipment suppliers like Cooler Concepts are participating in partnerships and collaborations with major betting organizations like DraftKings. 

Scoring Big: The Revenue Revolution for Professional Teams with Legalized Sports Betting

At first, it may seem like a conflict of interest for teams to capitalize on sports betting, but as long as they don't have a stake in any bet, they can still generate revenue from the practice. For example, many stadiums are opening sports books inside the building so fans can place bets before and during the game without having to go elsewhere. 

Similarly, stadiums and teams may offer in-seat betting, with bookies roaming the stands and taking bets so customers don't even have to leave their seats. By making the process far more convenient and efficient, teams are hoping to generate much more revenue as a result. Plus, even fans who don't necessarily like coming to games may appreciate the convenience of having a bookie on site so they can catch the action and place bets in real time.  

DraftKings in Wrigley Field Bets Big on Cooler Concepts

One of the largest sports betting operators is DraftKings, which has just opened a massive bar and betting venue at Wrigley Field. Helping the brand deliver exceptional customer service is Cooler Concepts, which offers high-quality keg storage solutions. 

This collaboration ensures that the bar will be able to serve as many guests as possible, and the massive horizontal screen will allow customers to view up to 25 games at once. Although it's opening sans gambling for now (until its gaming license gets approved), it will have plenty of exciting features to draw crowds and keep them entertained. 

As a flagship sportsbook, DraftKings is betting big that this trend will grow in the future, which it's definitely on track to do. Plus, since Wrigley Field sees up to three million fans every year, the book will likely see a lot of action during game day. 

Cooler Concepts' Innovative Beer Cooler Shelving Solutions

Helping a revolutionary sports book serve its customers is just the tip of the iceberg for Cooler Concepts. We've been working with stadiums, sports bars, and other foodservice venues for years to help them manage their kegs and keg inventory better. With innovative and ergonomic storage and transport solutions, Cooler Concepts allows businesses to maximize their earnings from each keg. 

Best of all, we can customize storage solutions to fit each location, so operators don't have to worry about a complicated or expensive installation process. 

Find out if your cooler is ready for more business:

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