7 Easy Steps To Maintaining A Walk-in Cooler

A walk-in cooler and its inventory are crucial to any foodservice or beverage business, making their quality paramount to a company’s bottom line. And as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So make sure to maintain your walk-in cooler to prevent costly repairs to it down the road or the loss of inventory. Here are seven simple steps toward making sure walk-in coolers stay in tip-top shape.

1. Always Perform Yearly Maintenance 

This entails scheduling a qualified technician to come to take a look at the walk-in unit annually. A pro can check for vital elements like the function of the compressor, fan motors and blades, wiring, and refrigerant and oil levels. Professionals can also handle testing thermometers and cleaning drain lines. 

2. Maintain a Constant Temperature Inside the Walk-in

It sounds obvious. But not everyone knows what seemingly small things can throw off the balance of a walk-in cooler. For example, avoid putting heated food inside a freezer. The heat output causes the refrigeration coil to overwork. This creates excess moisture inside the walk-in, leading to a build-up of frost and ice. 

3. Make Sure Door Is Completely Closed

Another easy way to throw a walk-in freezer into wack is to leave the door ajar. This could happen from the door not closing properly, something blocking it, or an employee propping the door open either out of convenience or for fear of being trapped inside. Take steps to eliminate these concerns, as the door to a walk-in freezer must stay closed as much as possible. 

4. Maintain the Integrity of the Walk-in

That is to say, don’t do anything that compromises the structure’s ability to keep the cold in. Don’t drill into the walls, for example. The seal of the unit will be broken, allowing cold air to escape. Exposing the inner walls of a walk-in unit can also leave it susceptible to the growth of bacteria and mold.  

5. Clean with a Damp Cloth - Skip the Strong Chemicals

Part of maintenance also includes cleaning. But be sure not to use any overly powerful cleaning products. Wipe down the inside and outside surfaces of the walk-in with mild detergent and warm water once a month.

6. Keep Condenser Coils Clean

The condenser coils need regular cleaning, as well. They are what help the refrigeration run, so keeping them clean is necessary to operate a walk-in efficiently, both energy and finance-wise. Make sure to clean condenser coils twice a year, if not more. 

7. Use Cooler Concepts Shelving

Cooler Concepts shelving prevents rusting and is safe for storage. Made of steel, our shelving is safer and more reliable than aluminum shelving. Over time, traditional aluminum keg storage wears down. Not only does it cost money to replace, but deteriorating shelving is extremely dangerous.

Our shelving is built to last. How can we prove it? In our 28+ years in operation, we've never had a single warranty claim. Not one. Which lets you know that Cooler Concepts shelving allows bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and breweries a more efficient way to organize beer walk-in coolers and create a safer, more harmonious workspace for employees.



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